Comic Book Cats, number 14: Mutts

Comic Book Cats, number 14: These two Mutts comic strips by Patrick McDonnell ran on Sunday, November 22, 2015, and Sunday, October 20, 2019.
Our first strip sees Mooch the cat and Earl the dog once again attempting to snag some grub from Butchie, the curmudgeonly owner of Fatty Snax Deli.
Our second one sees Mooch breaking the fourth wall to critique the title of the series, with a tip of the hat to George Herriman in the last panel.
McDonnell has been writing & drawing Mutts since September 1994. The original focus of the strip was solely on Earl, the Jack Russell terrier. “I had hoped the storyline [introducing Mooch] would be good for a few weeks’ worth of jokes. But, Mooch, like every cat I’ve known, walked into my life and took over.”
Discussing the series in a 2014 interview, McDonnell described Mooch thus:
“Like any cat worth his or her salt, Mooch is an enigma: curious yet relaxed, independent yet needy, out of control and yet totally cool.”

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