Comic Book Cats, number 139: The Batman Adventures #2

Comic Book Cats, number 139: The Batman Adventures #2, penciled by Ty Templeton, inked by Rick Burchett, written by Kelley Puckett, lettered by Tim Harkins and colored by Rick Taylor, published by DC Comics in November 1992.

The Batman Adventures was a fun comic book series set in the same continuity as Batman: The Animated Series. There were times when I liked The Batman Adventures more than some of the “mainstream” Batman titles.

On these pages Catwoman returns home from her latest jewel heist to show off her ill-gotten gains to her feline friends. There’s some very nice storytelling by Ty Templeton here, paired with effective inking from Rick Burchett.

Ty Templeton has drawn and/or written numerous issues of the various incarnations of The Batman Adventures comic book between 1992 and 2004, and he returned to the continuity in 2020 with the digital-first series Batman: The Adventures Continue. Among his numerous other credits are Stig’s Inferno from Vortex / Eclipse, Justice League International for DC, Avengers for Marvel and Simpsons Comics for Bongo.

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