Comic Book Cats, number 134: Ultracat #1

Comic Book Cats, number 134: Ultracat #1, written & drawn by Jose Fonollosa, published by Diabolo Ediciones in 2015, translated into English and published by Antarctic Press in May 2016.
Ultracat is a cute, humorous superhero send-up featuring Ultra, an adorable housecat with a secret life as a costumed crimefighter. Among the adversaries Ultra faces is his arch-nemesis Pipo, the evil pug who lives in the apartment across the hall.
Spanish artist Jose Fonollosa definitely loves animals, especially cats. In addition to Ultracat, he created the graphic novels Meow, Cat Quotes, Dogs Vs Cats and A Kitten At Home. Fonollosa has also worked on the historical series Darwin’s Journey and various humor & parody series.

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