Comic Book Cats, number 130: Garfield #7

Comic Book Cats, number 130: Garfield #7 Thanksgiving variant cover, penciled by Gary Barker, inked by Dan Davis and colored by Lisa Moore, published by Boom! Studios in November 2012.

Happy Thanksgiving! If you have any cats, make sure to keep them away from the turkey, otherwise you might end up like John Arbuckle and his family here, their Thanksgiving bird having been consumed by the gluttonous Garfield. Even fellow cats Nermil and Arlene are disapproving.

This parody of Norman Rockwell’s iconic 1942 painting “Freedom from Want” is penciled by Gary Barker, who has been the uncredited assistant to Garfield creator Jim Davis on the newspaper strip since t1983. Barker has penciled numerous covers and several stories for the Boom! comic book series, enabling him to at last receive public credit for his work on the character.

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