Comic Book Cats, number 128: Grumpy Cat & Pokey #1

Comic Book Cats, number 128: Grumpy Cat & Pokey #1, drawn by Steve Uy, written by Ben McCool and lettered by Bill Tortolini, published by Dynamite Entertainment in February 2016.

Social media star Grumpy Cat and her brother Pokey returned to print in a second miniseries. ‘The Tallest Tree” has the ever-enthusiastic Pokey roping the typically-reluctant Grumpy into a tree-climbing competition with several other cats. This gives artist Steve Uy the opportunity to draw not just our title characters but several other interesting-looking cats.

Steve Uy has been working in comic books since 2001. He has worked on several titles for Marvel and DC, as well as a number of independent and creator-owned projects.

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