Comic Book Cats, number 111: Grumpy Cat #1

Comic Book Cats, number 111: Grumpy Cat #1, drawn by Ken Haeser, written by Royal McGraw, lettered by Bill Tortolini and colored by Mohan, published by Dynamite Entertainment in October 2015.

Internet sensation Grumpy Cat (real name Tarder Sauce) had a distinctive “frown-like” expression. Hers was the face that launched a thousand internet memes. Grumpy Cat was extensively licensed, including several issues of a comic book series that co-starred her and her brother Pokey. Although reportedly a very sweet cat in real life, of course, the comic book stories played up Grumpy Cat’s supposed grumpy nature.

“Paws of Justice” sees an enthusiastic Pokey watching an obvious stand-in for Batman V Superman, with Grumpy freely offering up her cynical critique of the production. Much to Grumpy’s disgust, the movie inspires Pokey to adopt the identity of “Super Pokey.” Grumpy soon finds herself drawn into Pokey’s costumed shenanigans. Somehow, against all odds, the two cats manage to thwart an actual pair of criminals, leaving Pokey promising to one day resume his alter ego, and Grumpy offering her usual sarcastic comments.

In addition to his work on Grumpy Cat, artist Ken Haeser had drawn The Living Corpse, Hack/Slash, and a bunch of variant covers for Dynamite.

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