Comic Book Cats, number 11: Tom & Jerry Comics #76

Comic Book Cats, number 11: Tom & Jerry Comics #76, drawn by Lynn Karp, published by Dell in November 1950.

When I was a kid I watched Tom & Jerry all the time. I probably drove my mother crazy, because I would get upset any time I missed an episode. Maybe this was an early indication that one day I would become a cat-lover?

Tom & Jerry a long-running comic book published first by Dell and then by Western / Gold Key. According to the Grand Comics Database, this issue was drawn by Lynn Karp. Initially working as a Disney Studios animator from 1935 to 1941, Karp then spent the next two decades drawing funny animal comics for ACG, Better Publications, and Dell.

This story sees Tom deciding to buy a horse because, hey, why not? Tom eventually finds a horse available for a mere five bucks. Of course, there’s a catch, and naturally, enough hilarity ensues. In any case, I guess this is the first crossover between Comic Book Cats and Jim Thompson’s 1000 Horses.

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