Comic Book Cats, number 109: Heathcliff #5

Comic Book Cats, number 109: Heathcliff #5, penciled by Warren Kremer, inked by Jacqueline Roettcher, written by Michael Gallagher and colored by George Roussos, published by Marvel Comics in December 1985.
Comic strip cat Heathcliff had a relatively lengthy comic book run under Marvel’s Star Comics imprint during the 1980s, lasting 56 issues, with a spin-off, Heathcliff’s Funhouse, running 10 issues.
“Computa Cat” gives us both cats and coffee. The destructive Heathcliff is briefly replaced by a robot cat. Although initially a much more responsible pet, Computa-Cat eventually reveals itself to be an iron-pawed dictator who takes control of the family, telling them it’s “for your own good.” Fortunately, Heathcliff returns home to demolish his robot replacement, and the remains of Cuputa-Cat are soon rebuilt as a coffee maker.
Warren Kremmer was a long-time artist at Harvey Comics, where he designed Richie Rich and Hot Stuff and drew numerous issues of Casper the Friendly Ghost. After the demise of Harvey in 1982, Kremer went to Marvel, where he drew several titles for their Star Comics line of comic books for younger readers. He passed away in July 2003 at the age of 82.

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