Comic Book Cats, number 106: Warlord #37

Comic Book Cats, number 106: Warlord #37, written & penciled by Mike Grell, inked by Vince Colletta, lettered by Ben Oda and colored by Adrienne Roy, published by DC Comics in September 1980.
One of the many interesting characters Mike Grell introduced in his long-running fantasy series Warlord was Shakira. Shakira is either a woman who turns into a cat or a cat who turns into a woman. We never did find out which, as Grell reasoned that the mystery made Shakira a more intriguing and enigmatic character.
In this two-page sequence from Warlord #37 we see Shakira in both her forms sparring with a hawk atop a cliff. It’s a nice example of Grell’s beautiful and dramatic artwork.

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