Comfortable Wedding Outfit Ideas for Little Ones

Whether you’re shopping for a little guest or you want to buy the perfect flower girl dress, shopping for comfortable wedding outfits for children can be a difficult job. From the cute dresses to the mini suits, children’s wedding outfits can look super cute but have to be practical too. We’ve put together a list of some comfortable wedding outfit ideas for children for the upcoming wedding season. We’re hoping this list will give you all the advice you need and help you in choosing the outfits you wish for the little people in your life. Planning ahead and making sure the outfit is a comfortable fit will mean your little one will stay happy all day long!


Casual Knitted Dress

Anything knitted will always be comfortable for children (and adults in fact!). For the more casual wedding setting, your little one can rock the night away with a casual knitted dress. They come in lots of different beautiful colors, often designed with glitters and embellishments too. Be sure to check the formality of the wedding before opting for this dress as it may be too casual. The best thing about this dress style is that your little one will surely be comfortable all day and night long.

Sparkling Flower Girl Dresses

Who doesn’t love some sparkle and glitter? Many flower girl dresses are beautiful but are tailored towards younger little girls hence these dresses will be super comfortable for the little ones to wear all day during the wedding ceremony ‘til night-time too. There are also some lace flower girl dresses that would look great; it’s up to you if you choose to dress your little girl in one of these dresses but be rest-assured, she will be comfortable wearing it. If you are having issues finding these nearby, you can check these styles online. Macys, eBay, JJ’s House, and some other online stores have a wide range of these kinds of dresses so it shall be easier for you.

Top with Cute Skirt

Dresses are often associated with weddings, but when it comes to younger girls, they don’t always have to turn up in a perfect ball gown. Instead, modernize the look with a cute skirt and a top that they love. They’re sure to feel comfortable and confident as they flaunt their stuff around the ceremony.

Adding to the above styles, there is also some stuff these little princesses will have to wear which will promote further comfort. These will include their cute kids’ wedding shoes, headpieces such as tiaras, headbands, and flowers, as well as wraps, especially if it is a bit chilly.


The Suspenders Set

Suspenders are so cute, especially on little boys! There are various colors to dress them in, but we love the yellow and black combination that many parents opt for. They’re cute if you’re a wedding guest but also if you have some little boy helpers during your wedding ceremony too. Coordinate their outfit with other ones worn by the groomsmen, and before you know it, they’ll be one of them! Suspenders are a great choice as they’re comfortable for the little one to wear even for long periods.

Mini Tuxedo

Is there anything more beautiful than a young boy wearing a mini tuxedo and walking down the aisle, paving the way for the stunning bride? While tuxedos are generally not comfortable, if you shop for younger boys, they’re often made of more wearable and breathable fabrics rather than robust materials that will ultimately be uncomfortable.

Casual Jeans and Shirt Combo

Another casual option but for young boys is to dress them in some jeans (black or blue would be ideal depending on the formality!) and then also adding a cotton or wool shirt will ensure they’re comfortable for the whole day. Again, it’s essential you check out the formality before you purchase the outfit as it may be a good choice, but it could also be too informal.


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