Insight Comics is pleased to announce The Comet, Vol. 1: Combustion, and as part of the launch, Insight Comics is giving away a free copy to one of our lucky readers, and that reader is Eric Reece!

We thank all who entered, and if you didn’t win you can still get a copy of your own.

The Comet, Vol. 1: Combustion

A soulless teenager battles demonic forces in this epic new comic, which mixes horror, urban fantasy, and coming-of-age drama to create an exciting superhero origin story.

Fifteen-year-old Kenzie Cook does not have the problems of a normal teenager. Tough classes, bad breakouts, getting a date for the prom? She wishes. Kenzie’s little sister is dying of cancer, and her family is barely holding it together under the weight of their grief and pain. Kenzie will do anything to save them all—even visit her estranged Aunt Emmy, a “healer” who claims to cure her patients by making deals with demonic forces. Aunt Emmy swears she can save Rae. All it will cost is Kenzie’s soul . . .

When Aunt Emmy’s ceremony goes terribly wrong, Kenzie is turned into something monstrous. Now she must battle her own guilt and anger as she attempts to rediscover her humanity—not to mention the vengeful demon unleashed by the ceremony whose only goal seems to be total chaos and destruction. As Kenzie learns to navigate her new powers and the responsibilities that come with them, she begins to wonder: What is the price of love? Does love make monsters of us all? Is this newfound power a gift or a burden? And, most unfathomable of all, what makes us human?

Written by Arianna Irwin

Illustrated by Francine Delgado | Colored by Alba Cardona

96 pages


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