Colt Cabana talks about WRESTLING ROAD DIARIES 3

colt-cabanaThe world of professional wrestling has always been known for it’s tough, mean, hard-hitting wrestlers. Wrestling Road Diaries 3 give a different look at Sports Entertainment. Colt Cabana and friends take look at the lighter side of professional wrestling.

First Comics News: Wrestling Road Diaries 3 is about to come out. Who is in this DVD with you?

Colt Cabana: Kikutaro and Grado. They’re both top comedic international wrestling superstars.

1st:How did you arrange for all three of you to get booked together over the last year?

wrestlingroaddiaries3Colt: I’ve been wrestling a long time now and I’ve made connections and friends along the way. It wasn’t a hard thing to make a couple of emails and set it up. Its one of the perks of being an independent wrestling stalwart.

1st:Is this a behind the scenes look at how wrestling works, a collection of matches or something else all together?

Colt: It’s a complete documentary. We look at the travel, we look at the art behind comedy wrestling, we see how matches play out and the trials and tribulations of an independent wrestler.

1st:In this volume you explore comedy and wrestling, how do you mix comedy and violence?

Colt: It’s less violence and more physical comedy. Think three stooges, Mr bean or the circus.

3ydfvrv1st:Is this DVD only wrestling or is there some stand up comedy as well?

Colt: Stand up comedy isn’t the only definition of comedy. This is about how comedy works with in professional wrestling.

1st:Is this DVD aimed at hard core indie wrestling fans, or is it more of a documentary for casual fans?

Colt: When making all of these, including the first two, they’re always made with the intention that anyone who doesn’t know anything about wrestling will be able to follow along and appreciate it. That being said, hardcore fans love it too. Its for everyone.

cvpl8u5vmaai5er1st:Is it harder for a comedic wrestler to get over with the crowd?

Colt: Using comedy in wrestling is extremely hard. This is the whole concept behind the movie.

1st:Do comedic wrestlers have more difficulties getting booked?

Colt: If you’re good, you’ll get booked.

1st:Are there wrestlers who refuse to work with you if your style isn’t as serious as their own?

wrestlingroaddiariesColt: Not that I know of. I’m very respected with in the wrestling world. One of the reasons I’m successful with my style is because I know the correct time to do comedic stuff and the incorrect time.

1st:Are episodes 1 and 2 still available?

Colt: Oh yea! get all 3 at a super cheap combo deal on

1st:Are all three comedic in nature?

Colt: Me, kiku and grado? Yes.
All the movies?  Yea, humor is the key to surviving on the road. It’s the best way to keep spirits high on a hard way to make a living.

wrestlingroaddiaries21st:Which wrestlers are featured in the first two volumes?

Colt: The first Movie is myself, Sal rinuaro and Daniel Bryan right before he signed with WWE. The second one is with Domino and Luke Gallows from WWE right when the come back to the indies.

1st:Where can you find Wrestling Road Diaries for sale?

Give it a look.

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