Colt Cabana on Which Wrestler Prevented Marquee Matchups Due to Backstage Politics

Colt Cabana is one of the fast-rising wrestling stars. Earlier this year, he signed with All Elite Wrestling, and he is now featured regularly on TV. His comedic wrestling style has stolen the hearts of many viewers. Broad Lee first attempted to recruit Cabana when Colt was going through a terrible losing streak. Ever since joining forces with the Dark Order members, his fortunes have changed. His losing streak seems to have come to a halt.

Colt is now 39 years old. He comes from the famous Windy City, and his journey to stardom has been rough. Recently, he has been talking about how he joined the Dark Order, and he claimed that it was all his idea. He took bold steps to share his insight with the Executive Vice President. The management eventually liked his plans and got on board.

Colt Cabana Comments on the Ring of Honor

In an interview on the Pro Wrestling site, Cabana shared his sentiments about the Ring of Honor. He said that there are wrestlers from this group that had gone on to become tremendously successful. Over the years, the Ring of Honor has gained massive recognition for grooming wrestlers. Cabana holds it to the highest regard since he went through it.

Backstage Politics in Wrestling

One of the top wrestlers under the roof of Ring of Honors is the great Seth Rollins. A member of this group was daring enough to ask Cabana about the politics of wrestling. The question was on how backstage politics affects the career of wrestlers. Cabana was more than willing to give an insight on these issues. He said that backstage politics interfere with marquee matchups. He pointed out that Low Ki is always one of the wrestlers who prevents massive matchups. But despite how much politics there are, they are not strong enough to stop marquee matchups.

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Cabana Speaks About Joining WWE

Colt Cabana has always been outspoken about his career. A while back, he revealed on a podcast that he accepted a pay cut to join WWE. Even so, he said that he was well off financially as an independent wrestler. The motivation behind him taking a pay cut to join WWE was a long-term plan to achieve more significant things. He said that there is only so much you can accomplish as an independent wrestler. Regardless of taking 50% less of his income, he improved his prospects of becoming a millionaire.

However, his name on WWE was “Scotty Goldman.” Cabana had various hilarious explanations of fans trying to figure out why he took the name “Goldman.” One of them said it is because he had Jewish roots. On another podcast, Colt admitted that he is currently happy about his career. He also said that he understands that his placement is nowhere near his ambitions.

On his WWE debut, Cabana regrettably said his outcomes were not what he would have wanted. For example, in his first match, his opponent was Brian Kendrick, and Cabana lost this match in about two minutes. Unfortunately, he had to take it because it is what was available.

His second match was not any better because it was against Koslov and Kungfu Nazi. He felt that WWE did not consider him a great or talented wrestler, and that’s why his debut fixtures were against less famous wrestlers.

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