I found the PERFECT comic book that I just love, and I want to tell you about it



It’s called COLLECTORS and I discovered it at this year’s WONDERCON. It is a Sunday style comic strip about Eddie, a husband who loves his wife and his comic book collection but not always in that order. The comic has been around over a decade but I just discovered it. The art style is familiar and warm, the stories are charming and silly. I don’t always need city devastating super hero battles sometimes I want a wink at my childhood and overall fandom.



For my money and my opinion you’d be wise to pick up a copy and give it a try. I’m hooked and already brought another customer by his booth at the event to pick up some of the books. No – I don’t get a kickback.. lol I’m genuinely a fan. I’m even that annoying fan that tells him how I think it can even be better, I’m sure he loves that. LOL, well he’s stuck with me. That’s what you get with industry fans!

More info at IG: COLLECTORSCOMIC or 


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