Collab Creations Studios Releases New Exciting Installment of Murder 

SALINAS, Cal. – September 27, 2019 – The highly anticipated second issue of comic book series Murder is available for pre-ordering. It marks the next stage in the continuing saga of the animal-rights antihero, The Butcher’s Butcher, as animals mysteriously begin linking telepathically. Readers are also introduced to the powerful new plant-based badass, The Melanated Melody. Issue 2 is being released in tandem with issue 2.1, a black and white ashcan that picks up where issue 2 leaves off. 

Murder takes readers into the darkest corners of animal agriculture, as one species at a time they begin to hear each other’s thoughts. Only one human, The Butcher’s Butcher, is able to hear their thoughts. As the animals revolt and the world’s food supply comes into jeopardy, the animal-rights activist is forced to decide between his vegan ethics and a world dependant on meat. Issue 2 is a beautiful 26 pages of full-color comic book action and is juxtaposed against the dark and gritty 8-page issue 2.1. 

Expanding on the “Wanna Beef?” format in the back-pages of issue 1, issue 2 and 2.1 include an exclusive interview with an actual animal rights undercover investigator. The investigator, whose identity has been kept secret due to the nature of their work, speaks with writer Matthew Loisel about their personal experiences as an undercover investigator, their journey to becoming an undercover investigator, the importance of transparency from animal agriculture, and many other topics. Future issues will have similar interviews. Issue 3 is already slated to include an exclusive interview with animal rights author and researcher Christopher Sebastian

Early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with Fantastic Frankey calling issue 2 “Fire!” and Effective Nerd Network saying “Loisel, Correa, Myers, and Napier knocked it out of the park with Murder Issue 2.” Effective Nerd goes on to extoll issue 2 as “one of my favorite comic issues that I have read this year.” 

Issue 1 was met by similarly glowing reviews. Comics Grinders Henry Chamberlain gave issue 1 “…a thumbs, paws and hooves up.” Indiana Marlow of said issue 1 contains “…one of the most disturbing sequences I’ve ever read in a comic,” going on to say the first installment is “worth reading just for this scene.”Jenn Marshall of Sirens Of Sequentials maybe put it best: “To be honest, I am partially rooting for the animals to kill us all.” 

Issue 2 and 2.1 can be pre-ordered on Collab Creations Studios website. Also available on the website are Murder trading cards, fashioned after the super hero trading cards from the 1990s. Two cards have also been released on the website, one for each issue. Eventually the set will create a 9-card action-packed mural, similar to the 1993 SKYBOX Marvel Universe Series. The first printing of issues 2 and 2.1 are expected to mail out the first week of October 2019. 

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