Cody Rhodes Shares AEW’s Safety Precautions

Cody Rhodes stated Brandi picked Dr. Sampson to work with AEW. Dr. Sampson famously assisted Jerry Lawler after he suffered a heart attack during a live episode of Monday Night RAW. Cody explained how Dr. Sampson is not a ‘yes’ Doctor. When it came to protecting AEW talent from the coronavirus, “…he put in a really rigorous amount of guidelines. And everyone was able to follow them and that was something I was very proud of.”

He then shared his experiences self-quarantining in a Jacksonville hotel, calling it something he would never forget. This was done so AEW could keep numbers under 10 at the arena for Dynamite tapings.

When at the tapings, “You’re in your own room and then the ropes themselves are being sanitised you’re getting your temperature checked. Getting quarantine questions, a page long, all of those things that were put in place that were the right thing to do.”

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