Clover Press Presents The First Hardcover Edition of BILLI 99,

an Early, Creator Owned Comic Drawn by Tim Sale,

Now Colored by José Villarrubia


The Eisner-Award Nominated Comic Written by Sarah Byam

Now Features Gorgeous Colors by José Villarrubia


Tim Sale was one of the most celebrated and beloved comic book artists of his generation. Frequently collaborating with writer Jeph Loeb, Tim illustrated seminal stories featuring Batman, Catwoman, Superman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Daredevil as well as the cult favorite TV series Heroes. Now Clover Press is publishing the first-ever hardcover edition of Sale’s first full-length comic book work, the Eisner Award-nominated BILLI 99, written by Sarah Byam. This new edition, which is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, features glorious colors by the award-winning and fan-favorite color artist José Villarrubia.


First published by Dark Horse in 1991 as a four-part mini-series, BILLI 99 is a cautionary tale about corporate greed and a corrupt government. It asks: what is power when everything has been taken away? The book contains 196 pages of breathtaking, lovingly painted, duo-shade art, and the hand lettering that would become Tim Sale’s signature font. The story introduces the teen vigilante hero. Billi Chadam takes up her late father’s sword to bring down the powers of oppression and give the people of her city back their lives. BILLI 99 is a story of hope and inspiration.


“A few years before Tim passed, he, editor Patty Jeres, and I tried to finance a hardcover, color version of BILLI 99 and were repeatedly frustrated, but the idea of printing a definitive version of the book remained steadfast,” said writer and co-creator Sarah Byam. “BILLI 99 was a favorite of Tim’s and it’s important to us to do it justice, as we introduce this early and important work to a whole new audience.”


“Sarah Byam’s BILLI 99 is a unique perspective on the comic book hero,” writes Tim Sale’s widow, Susan Bailey in her new essay for the book. “It’s as fresh today as it was in 1991 when it was first published. You’ll see why Tim was proud to be part of the telling of this twist on the typical comic book hero, especially if you knew him personally, after reading the book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when Tim first introduced me to Billi.”


“Along with everyone else who knew him, worked with him or simply enjoyed his work, I was very saddened by the passing of Tim Sale,” said José Villarrubia. “ I had admired his work for years and had had the opportunity to work with him several times, including in Superman for All Seasons, SOLO, and Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album. I missed BILLI 99 when it was first published in black and white. I am very thankful to Sarah for bringing me into this project. I think that readers are going to be very surprised by it. For me, this is a splendid opportunity to rend homage to a great comics artist.”


“Tim and Sarah felt like there never was a version of BILLI 99 that fully reflected their final vision,” said Clover Press Publisher Hank Kanalz. “It is a great honor for Clover Press to publish the definitive edition of  BILLI 99.”


The Clover Press Edition of BILLI 99includes multiple extras, including a portrait tribute of Tim Sale by legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz, an essay by Susan Bailey, and pin-ups by Matt Wagner, Rick Hoberg, Andy Kuhn, and Tomm Coker.

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