Clover Press, Media Do International and pixiv Present  ARTISTS IN TAIWAN and ARTISTS IN KOREA

Two Deluxe Art Books Showcasing Over 150 Amazing Artists


(January 10, 2023) Pixiv has built the world’s largest creation platform, with over 80 million users and more than 3 billion page views monthly. The innovative, Japan-based company’s mission is to build a vibrant and fun online community that supports creators with creator platforms, services and products.

Now pixiv, Media Do International, Inc. and Clover Press are partnering together to bring two stunning artbooks, ARTISTS IN TAIWAN and ARTISTS IN KOREA, to Kickstarter. These deluxe books showcase over 150 amazing artists—representing just a small fraction of the talented artists actively engaged on pixiv. The Kickstarter page for ARTISTS IN TAIWAN and ARTISTS IN KOREA is now live. 

ARTISTS IN TAIWAN features 83 incredible artists in Taiwan, with a cover by VOFAN, an illustrator with an impressive mastery of the use of intense light and shadow. ARTISTS IN KOREA features 78 fantastic artists in Korea, with a cover by Tiv, an illustrator well known for poetic and transparent expression and capturing emotional moments, especially of women. Between both volumes, the books collect the amazing work of Say HANa, I READING, LOIZA, B.c.N.y., modare, Anmi, zipcy, Gearous, DSmile, Canking, and many more.

“The ‘Artists in’ series was produced to bring work by artists from different regions to a larger global audience,” said pixiv senior VP of Creator’s Platform Department Takahiko Kato. “With the massive impact and influence of anime art, there has been a huge wave of emerging artists who showcase their work on pixiv, and we want to share it with fans around the world. These incredible artbooks give fans a way to cherish a collection of amazing illustrations that can be proudly displayed on their bookshelf.”

Pixiv strives to create opportunities for creators from around the world to interact and work beyond barriers such as distance and language. Drawfest, an online multi-artist online drawing festival presented by pixiv and Wacom, launched in 2021. Popular creators from around the world participated, including Mika Pikazo, Heikala, Loish, Zeronis and Guweiz, through livestreaming workshops and lectures. More than 10,000 creators attended Drawfest simultaneously in Japanese and English to learn and improve their skills in a multi-artist live event. With the mission of “creating a fun environment for anyone who enjoys creative activities,” pixiv operates creation-posting platform, fan community service FANBOX, C2C marketplace BOOTH, 3D character maker VRoid and other creator communities and services.

The project is being managed by Media Do International, a San Diego-based publishing and content solutions provider, that focuses on licensing, distribution, content development and technology. MD-i is owned by Tokyo-based Media Do Co., Ltd., a leader in the global publishing business and the top distributor of ebooks in Japan.

The books will be published by Clover Press, a San Diego-based boutique publisher, whose eclectic releases include books by Matt Bors, Kevin Eastman, Stewart Kenneth Moore, Dean Mullaney, Steve Niles, Gabriel Rodriguez, John K. Snyder III, Timothy Truman, Aron Wiesenfeld, Craig Yoe, and more.

“The art of manga and manhwa creation continues to become mainstream on a worldwide basis,” said Clover Press Publisher Hank Kanalz. “Both these books feature absolutely gorgeous artwork. We hope they introduce readers to more international artists and a new online community dedicated to art and illustration.”

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