Hot new horror debut issue sells out completely at the distributor level day-of-release

PORTLAND, Ore. 11/15/2023 — This holiday season comes with a few more chills in the air with today’s white-hot horror launch The Deviant from Eisner award winning writer James Tynion IV (W0RLDTR33, The Department of Truth, Something is Killing the Children), artist Joshua Hixson (The Plot, Children of the Woods), and Ringo Award winning letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. This critically-lauded, nine-issue miniseries hit big this morning and has instantly sold out completely at the distributor level. Image Comics has fast tracked a reprint in time to stuff in fans’ stockings this December.

“There really is no better feeling than hearing that a book has already sold out on its first day of release! I’m absolutely thrilled, and want to thank all of the amazing retailers and readers who have come out to support another one of my titles,” said Tynion IV. “The Deviant is a dark and personal work, and I hope it can find a huge audience over this holiday season and beyond.”

As snow falls over Milwaukee in 1972, a blood-stained Santa Claus commits unimaginable atrocities against young men. Set fifty years later, The Deviant follows a troubled young writer interviews this so-called “Deviant Killer,” who still maintains his innocence from behind bars. And as Christmas approaches once again, the past returns, wielding a sharpened ax.

Available at comic book shops on Wednesday, December 20:

  • The Deviant #1, second printing – Lunar Code 1123IM840
  • The Deviant #2 Cover A by Hixson – Lunar Code 1023IM305
  • The Deviant #2 Cover B by James Stokoe – Lunar Code 1023IM306
  • The Deviant #2 Cover C by Alex Eckman-Lawn (1:10 copy incentive) – Lunar Code 1023IM307
  • The Deviant #2 Cover D by David Talaski (1:25 copy incentive) – Lunar Code 1023IM308

The Deviant will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Select praise for The Deviant:

“One of the most impressive first issues of a comic book we’ve had in 2023. James Tynion and Joshua Hixson knock it out of the park creating story you can’t help but be immersed by. This may be the most terrifying version of Santa Clause we have seen. It’s definitely a must read for fans of horror.” —Comic Book Revolution

“There’s something truly haunting and chilly about The Deviant, not unlike Robert Eggers’ The Witch. Mood and tension come together in an excellent opening issue that’s filled with unease. There’s a hopelessness that rings throughout that makes it hard to put this book down.” —AIPT

“Horror and Christmas don’t overlap much in popular culture, but this creative team has masterfully blended the two here—while throwing in an homage to The Silence of the Lambs.” —Comicon

“A creepy, terrifying read in the mode of The Closet. And Joshua Hixson’s design for the main killer character is terrifying.” —Comic Book Club podcast

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