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Two siblings thrust into a spacefaring journey must face their family’s past trauma to change the galaxy’s future.


New from Papercutz this December, a riveting intergalactic adventure by Oskar Källner and Karl Johnsson, Children of the Phoenix: The Eye of the Storm! The Children of the Phoenix series will be more than just a treat for young readers, who love adventure and fantasy, but an impactful tale that takes readers on the hero’s journey. Siblings Elias and Alice must face trauma of the past, and change the course of the future, making their own choices about who they want to be as they discover their history and other inputs from different worlds.


‘The Eye of the Storm’ will be the first Children of the Phoenix book of many, as the series is set to develop alongside the reader.  Children of the Phoenix is a true treat for readers who enjoy prose with illustrated pages like the Treasure Hunter and Last Kids on Earth series.


Synopsis: When Elias and Alice’s mother disappears in a nearby forest, the siblings quickly embark on a journey to find her. But nothing can prepare them for what lies ahead–not when they come face-to-face with a crew of aliens who whisk them away to a spaceship where they meet terrifying creatures, dangerous attackers, and a secret that changes all Alice and Elias have ever known about their family. Amid the mayhem, will Elias and Alice be able to traverse through the stars and find their mother?


”We grew up with video games, comics, science fiction books and anime films. We are passionate about this project – Children of the Phoenix: Eye of the Storm is the book that we would have absolutely loved as kids. Now as parents, with a considerable amount of work behind us, we still cherish that sense of wonder. We want to share that feeling, and this abounding universe that we have created with readers everywhere,” said Oskar Källner and Karl Johnsson. 

CHILDREN OF THE PHOENIX: THE EYE OF THE STORM [9781545811337; Paperback; Ages 7-12] is out on December 12, 2023. It is available wherever books are sold, including Amazon, Bookshop, and Barnes & Noble. For additional press queries, please contact James Faccinto at Mad Cave Studios:

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