Check Your Electricity Bill, This One is Huge … Power Company Annual #1

Eight years ago, a bunch of independent comic book creators met up on a Facebook forum and decided to join forces to create a new independent comics universe, forming Coalition Comics and creating the superhero team, The Power Company. This shared universe grew through several successful Kickstarter campaigns, and a whole whack of great superhero comics have been released. The latest of these is The Power Company Annual #1.

The Power Company Annual #1 Cover
The Power Company Annual #1 Cover

The current roster of Coalition Comics creators includes;

Carlos Raphael, publisher of Champion Comics
Dan Hoins, CEO of Extraordinary Mythos
Eric N. Bennett, publisher of Angry Bear Press 
Henry Eshleman, Coalition Comics partner and making his writing debut in this issue
John Jones, card game designer & creator of Professor Bizarre
Mike Spagnola, Coalition Comics partner and also writing his first Power Company story in this issue
Rodney Lockett, publisher at Iron Gate Comics
Roy Johnson, Standard Comics puiblisher

So who is the Power Company?

From the first issue of the Kickstarter campaign: “Seven heroes brought together by Professor Bizarre, a collector of the rarest and most powerful museum pieces in the universe, and a powerful mystic. Due to a mysterious time/space portal, seemingly created out of nowhere, the world-conquering Cyborilla, with his claims of superiority over homo sapiens, assembles a group of like-minded “soldiers” to help him take over Professor Bizarre’s earth (Necromage, Abominus, Sebek the Medjai, Priestess Danielle, BrimCoal, Poison Arrow, and Overcast) and overrun his sanctum as the spoils of his defeat…Damage Inc! Traveling the outermost independent comics universe, Professor Bizarre recruits Five Star, Metalmorph, Forecast, Crimson Streak, Victory, Spirit’s Destiny, and Killer Wail to fight the good fight and rid his world of this diabolical threat.

The Power Company Annual #1 Interior Page
The Power Company Annual #1 Interior Page

The Power Company Annual #1 is jam-packed with eight different stories in various art styles. Steel Wolf, Metalmorph, Killer Wail, Crimson Streak, Thunder Woman, Stardust, Tiger Hawk, and Professor Bizarre are characters I’m not familiar with as I wasn’t a backer of the previous Kickstarter, but the well-written stories in this Annual sure want me to dig up those missing back issues. Fortunately, Coalition Comics has many of its titles available at IndyPlanet. The Annual is just being sent out to the Kickstarter supporters, so it still needs to be listed, but it will be once the rewards are fulfilled.

I struggled to review all eight stories, I did try, but it just started to sound like a skipping vinyl record. Great comic art, well written, clearly lettered and mood added by effective coloring. I ran out of different ways to say that eight times LOL Have a peak for a blast of fun comic stories!

Issue: Power Company Annual #1 | Publisher: Coalition Comics
Writers: Carlos Raphael, Roy Johnston, Mike Spagnola, R. Lockett, J. DeSantos, Henry Eshleman, J.A. Jones, Dan Hoins, Eric N. Bennett
Artists: Luis Rivera, Zilson Costa, Floren Cuevas, J. DeSantos, J.A. Jones, J.C. Grande, Ron C. Williams
Colorists: Frederico Pepito Sioc, Jr., Elizz Hezekiah, Fabic De Silva Bandres, Andikan Leonard Hezekiah, Gilbert Monsanto, Tristan MacDonald
Letters: Eric N. Bennett, Francisco Zamora. J.A Jones
76 pages | IndyPlanet Link 

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