Check Out What’s Coming to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE in April!

April is right around the corner, and with every new month DC UNIVERSE INFINITE members get more DC perks than ever! Head over to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE as the premium digital comic book service adds even more fan-favorite content in April of 2021!

Right off the bat, Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #1 drops on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE on Tuesday April 20th, and DC UNIVERSE INFINITE is the only digital outlet that will have individual in-game redemption codes for each registered member! Fans who read Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will receive codes redeemable for bonus DC-themed digital items in Fortnite, starting with the Rebirth Harley Quinn Outfit. There are new codes and in-game items to redeem for each of the six issues, and fans who redeem all six will also unlock a new Armored Batman Zero Outfit for their Fortnite character.

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DC UNIVERSE INFINITE’s newest perk, the DC BOOK CLUB, is a new-reader-friendly monthly reading event for fans looking to talk about their favorite moments in comics. Hosted within DC’s on-platform Community, DC BOOK CLUB helps fans at any level discover new favorites, dive deeper into the comics they love, and connect with a friendly, like-minded comic book community.

Each month, DC will post a poll with a selection of flagship titles for fans to vote on reading for the following installment of DC BOOK CLUB. As a bonus, the title that fans vote on will be available on DC Universe Infinite for FREE to registered members the whole month of book club! Each new DC BOOK CLUB event will feature exclusive perks like downloadable digital wallpapers and bookmarks, DC talent Q&As, and lively discussions all month long!

To join the DC BOOK CLUB, please follow these steps:

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Click here for the latest discussion on JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE TOTALITY!

A perk for all fans, the DC SHOP is stocked with the latest merch from every fan’s favorite DC shows, movies, and characters. 2021 marks eight decades of Wonder Woman inspiring the world, so celebrate all year long with a WONDER WOMAN 80TH ANNIVERSARY “BELIEVE IN WONDER” T-SHIRT, featuring images of the iconic hero throughout the years and a reminder to always “believe in wonder.” And Milestone is back at DC in 2021, complete with a STATIC SHOCK RETRO ANIMATED T-SHIRT! This white t-shirt pays tribute to the Static Shock animated series that inspired a generation of fans, featuring Virgil Hawkins in his iconic costume from the show.

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And fans of Zack Snyder’s Justice League can now place pre-orders for ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE BLACK SUIT SUPERMAN PUMA SUEDE SNEAKERS designed by Jen Bartel, pre-orders for ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE METALLIC DIANA PRINCE FUNKO POP! are still available, and new t-shirts for Martian Manhunter and Deathstroke from the new movie have just been added to the DC SHOP!

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And there’s always new comic book content arriving! Coming this April, DC UNIVERSE INFINITE subscribers receive first access to Let Them Live! Unpublished Tales from the DC Vault and can read the first issues of Sean Murphy’s Batman: Curse of the White Knight, Scott Snyder and Raphael Albuquerque’s American Vampire 1976Tom King and Jorge Fornes’ Rorschach, plus the first issues of anthology series like Truth and Justice and Sensational Wonder WomanThe back catalogue of Milestone comics (Blood Syndicate, Static, Icon, Hardware) continue to be a draw for fans, and the debut of 2005’s Breach eleven-issue comic book series is sure to please fans looking for forgotten/out of print comics!

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All this and more will be on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE beginning this April!

Comics Arriving Week of 4/5

  • Batman/Superman Annual 1
  • Batman: The Joker War Zone 1
  • Dark Nights: Death Metal Multiverse’s End 1
  • Justice League Annual 2
  • Legion of Super-Heroes 9
  • Red Hood: Outlaw 49
  • Wonder Woman 763
  • John Constantine: Hellblazer 10
  • Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey 3
  • Batman: Curse of the White Knight 1
  • Wonder Woman 1984 (Direct Market) 1
  • Justice League of America (1960-1987) 160
  • Super Friends (1976-1981) 45
  • Breach (2005-2006) 1
  • Blood Syndicate (1993-1996) 3
  • Icon (1993-1997) 8
  • Action Comics (1938-2011) 661
  • Injustice: Year Zero 14
  • Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace 23
  • Batman: The Adventures Continue 17

Comics Arriving Week of 4/12

  • Challenge of the Super Sons 4
  • American Vampire 1976 1
  • Batman 100
  • DCeased: Dead Planet 4
  • Justice League 54
  • The Dreaming: Waking Hours 3
  • Young Justice 19
  • Far Sector 8
  • Legend of the Swamp Thing Halloween Spectacular 1
  • Action Comics (1938-2011) 341
  • Super Friends (1976-1981) 46
  • Breach (2005-2006) 2
  • Static (1993-1997) 9
  • Hardware (1993-1997) 9
  • Let Them Live! 6
  • Truth and Justice 1
  • Sensational Wonder Woman 1

Comics Arriving Week of 4/19

  • Challenge of the Super Sons 5
  • Dark Nights: Death Metal 4
  • DC The Doomed and the Damned 1
  • Detective Comics 1028
  • Rorschach 1
  • Superman 26
  • The Batman’s Grave 11
  • The Green Lantern Season Two 8
  • Wonder Woman 764
  • Batman & the Outsiders 17
  • Hawkman 28
  • Justice League Odyssey 25
  • The Flash 763
  • Strange Adventures 6
  • Action Comics (1938-2011) 343
  • Super Friends (1976-1981) 47
  • Breach (2005-2006) 3
  • Blood Syndicate (1993-1996) 4
  • Icon (1993-1997) 9
  • Truth and Justice 2
  • Sensational Wonder Woman 2

Comics Arriving Week of 4/26

  • Challenge of the Super Sons 6
  • Batman 101
  • Catwoman 26
  • Dark Nights: Death Metal Robin King 1
  • Justice League 55
  • Metal Men 11
  • Nightwing 75
  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? 106
  • Teen Titans 46
  • Aquaman 64
  • Action Comics (1938-2011) 351
  • Batman (1940-2011) 208
  • Breach (2005-2006) 4
  • Static (1993-1997) 10
  • Hardware (1993-1997) 10
  • Truth and Justice 3
  • Sensational Wonder Woman 3

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