Check Out These Videos for Our Biggest March Releases! Bettie Page’s Next Adventure and the Next DIE!namite

We have some massive debut series coming up as we head into the spring. Particularly in March we have two top tier titles that we want to spotlight for all the fans. Bettie Page is embarking on her next adventure, under the hand of cosplayer, model and writer Ani-Mia, and she’s facing aliens! Then our blockbuster zombie crossover DIE!namite is back with its third epic chapter of flesh-ripping and tearing! In anticipation of these series coming to comic stores soon, we sat down with the writers for chats on video.

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think! Feel free to hit us up on social media and share the videos with fellow fans. Make sure your preorders are locked in for these series with your retailers too.

Bettie Page has faced many unexpected foes and threats in her declassified Dynamite adventures. Now in her latest, The Alien Agenda, she’s getting tangled up in Area 51 shenanigans and discovering what kind of ancient alien history is hidden across the globe. Writer Ani-Mia is a huge fan of cryptids and pulp stories like that, so we’re super excited for fans of the Dark Angel to get their hands on this series!

First we blew the doors wide off of fans’ expectations with our first DIE!namite crossover. Then we rose from the grave with the sequel DIE!namite Lives! Now beloved writer Fred Van Lente of Marvel Zombies fame is back for an even more thrilling third chapter in the zombie saga. As he brings the one and only Tarzan into the mix too!

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