Charlie’s Angels #4 preview

Charlie’s Angels #4

writer: John Layman

artist: Joe Eisma

covers: Joe Eisma (A)

              Vicente Cifuentes (B)

              Joe Eisma (RI-B/W)

              Vicente Cifuentes (RI-B/W)

FC  |  32 pages  |  $3.99  |   Teen+ 

They’ve got a mysterious boss who hides in the shadows and calls the shots. There are three of them, lovely and lethal, a trio of tough cookies you do NOT want to mess with. Introducing The Satanbratan, East Germany’s equivalent of the Angels— the EVIL equivalent! And these deadly, dastardly dames ain’t gonna rest until our favorite Angels are six feet under. By John Layman and Joe Eisma, your OTHER favorite angels!!! Comics will never be the same!!!!!

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