Chapterhouse Publishing 2017 Upcoming Titles

A series of house ads in this week’s releases reveal Chapterhouse Publishing’s upcoming line up of great comics. Recently Chapterhouse set in motion a schedule of monthly, four issue story arcs all within a shared continuity called the Chapterverse. While each series contain independent stories you will see events in one book affect events in another.

Wave One of the Chapterverse has already been solicited with Agents of PACT by Kalman Andrasofszky, Blake Northcott and Frederica Manfredi and Freelance by Jim Zub, Andrew Wheeler and Vaneda Vireak arriving in comics shops shortly. I’ll be reviewing both this week so stay tuned for that.

Freelance/Agents of Pact

Wave Two will be starting May 2017 and will consist of Jason Loo’s fantastic The Pitiful Human-Lizard, Captain Canuck from Kalman Andrasofszky and Leonard Kirk and a third, new comic book, Fantomah by Ray Fawkes and Soo Lee.


Wave Three will feature Northguard returning September 2017. Accompanying Northguard will be a new series from Van Jensen, Neil Collyer and Leila del Duca titled The Northern Light.

Northern Light

Chapterhouse continues revamping traditional characters from Canada’s rich comic publishing past with exciting, fresh takes, A-list creators and quality comic books. Be sure to check out Agents of Pact and Freelance. Preorder at your local comic shop through Diamond, purchase directly at or purchase digitally at Comixology.

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