CGC Announces Temporary Change for Show Submitters

With regret, CGC has suspended travel for its employees until April 13. We know many fans, creators and others who contribute to our hobby’s conventions are also weighing difficult decisions, with a priority on health and safety. As public gatherings are restricted, we encourage everyone to take the necessary precautions.

In response to inquiries from customers who will miss opportunities to submit for free at shows, CGC will adjust its membership requirements to allow free CGC members to submit directly to CGC headquarters until April 12.

We understand some first-time submitters may be wary of shipping their collectibles or are unfamiliar with the process. To make it easier, we have created step-by-step instructions at our website. We also offer CGC Shipping Kits, which are being made available at a reduced cost for a limited time with the use of the discount code SHIPKIT5. To learn more about how to sign up for a free CGC membership or to order the discounted CGC Shipping Kits, click here.

CGC looks forward to returning to a normal show schedule soon. In the meantime, we wish everyone peace of mind as all of us focus on the well-being of our families and communities.

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