Celebrate the Inauguration of President Joe Biden And VP Kamala Harris With Exclusive Comics!

January 20, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite announces a set of special commemorative collectibles in recognition of the new era beginning as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take their roles as the 46th President and new Vice President of the United States. Two exclusive comic books and more are available on Indiegogo now for both comic collectors and those looking for something special to mark this historic moment!

To celebrate this moment in time, Dynamite and artist Gordon Purcell have teamed up to depict these two modern day heroes alongside the cast of Project Superpowers, a superhero team composed of the forgotten legends of the Golden Age of comic books. Purcell is a 30-plus year veteran of cartooning, acclaimed for his ability to capture the likeness of real people, such as on his fan-favorite Star Trek comics. This century-spanning team-up portrays the longstanding traditions and ideals of the country, as well as the progress made.

Each exclusive comic book features a different story underneath. The special Presidential cover for Biden graces the original first issue of Project Superpowers from 2008. The limited series was created by legendary painter Alex Ross and writer Jim Krueger, with interior artwork by Carlos Paul. This bestselling title marked a celebration of a largely lost and underappreciated era of comic book heroes, and blazed a new path forward of optimism. Under the VP Harris cover, Dynamite showcases the most modern iteration of the Superpowers saga, with writer Rob Williams (Suicide Squad, Ghost Rider) and artist Sergio Davila. This story fully adjusts the heroes to the present as they face their biggest threat yet. This way, readers get the best of both worlds!

In addition to the two exclusive comic book covers, Dynamite’s Indiegogo campaign offers a range of extra goodies. A limited edition lithograph print set features the comic images blown up to an impressive 11 by 17 inches – and perfect for framing! While rare two dollar bills enhanced with full color portraits of the country’s new leaders are available – and fully legal tender! More extras can be found on the Indiegogo page and more could be revealed with future stretch goals…

The Indiegogo campaign is live right now and will only be up for a limited time, so supporters can reserve their memorabilia now as the inauguration approaches.

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