Celebrate Star Trek Day With This Epic Giveaway Exclusive To Hero Collector

Join us at Quark’s bar on DS9 to celebrate Star Trek Day in style with the ULTIMATE STAR TREK Giveaway.


Enter the prize draw for your chance to win an epic VIP trip to Destination Star Trek London – Europe’s Official STAR TREK Convention.

OR be one of TWENTY-ONE runners up to receive a collection of STAR TREK themed prizes, including signed prints from Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner!!

Running from September 8 to 30, 2021 – DON’T MISS OUT! Just head to: herocollector.com/startrekgiveaway (NB – link goes live at 5pm BST)


Prizes include:


1st Prize: 1 Destination Star Trek London Ticket.

2nd Prize: 5 Gold Plated U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701-D ships

3rd Prize: 3 Signed Prints from William Shatner – The Tholian Web

4th Prize: 3 Presentation Stamp Packs from The Post Office

5th Prize: 10 ST Enterprise Badges

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