CCL Special: Epic Marvel Podcast: Punisher, Ep. 2b: Assassin’s Guild

Punisher Assassins Guild Graphic NovelIn this special episode, Chris is a guest on the Epic Marvel Podcast. Picking up right were we left off in the last episode, Chris and Kurtis finish talking about Punisher Epic Collection Vol 2: Circle Of Blood which includes some great stories from Mike Baron, Luke Ross and Whilce Portacio! Plus, it’s Punisher vs. Daredevil in a classic crossover, and Frank joins known criminals to take down other known criminals in the Marvel Graphic Novel, Assassin’s Guild! It’s fun shoot-em-up action from beginning to end!

Issues discussed: Punisher #6-10, Daredevil #257, and Punisher: Assassin’s Guild (Marvel Graphic Novel #40)
Bonus: This episode includes clips from an interview with Mike Baron. Check out our exclusive interviews available as perks for our Patreon supporters.

Official Solicit:
(W) Steven Grant & Various (A) Mike Zeck & Various (CA) Mike Zeck The Punisher goes solo! After years making life complicated for Spider-Man, Daredevil and more, the Marvel Universe’s deadliest vigilante fires his way into his own series – beginning behind bars! Find out exactly who Frank Castle is as he makes his way back out of prison – and renews his bloody war on crime! Gangsters, drug dealers and other lowlifes beware! These are the formative solo adventures that defined the world of the Punisher – establishing his alliance with Microchip, rivalry with Jigsaw and more! From taking on terrorists to massacring the mob to attacking an assassins guild, the Punisher’s mission never ends – but when he crosses paths with the Man Without Fear, will their renewed grudge match turn deadly?
Collecting Punisher (1986) #1-5, Punisher (1987) #1-10, Daredevil (1964) #257 and Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher – Assassin’s Guild; $39.99

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