CCL #504 – December 2019 Solicitations – Englehart Jack!

Collected Comics Library PodcastChris and Andy talk about Andy’s fun time at Rambo: Last Blood and then get right into “draft” selections from the December 2019 solicits (stick around for Andy’s Steve Engelhart rant) that include:

Chris’s Draft
1. Green Arrow by Mike Grell Omnibus Vol. 1 HC (DC Comics)
2. Timely’s Greatest: The Golden Age Sub-Mariner by Bill Everett — The Post-War Years Omnibus HC (Marvel)
3. Black Widow Omnibus HC (Marvel)
4. Adventures of Superman: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Vol. 2 HC (DC Comics)
5. EC Archives: Psychoanalysis HC (Dark Horse)
6. Batman: Arkham: Victor Zsasz TP (DC Comics)
7. Star Wars: The Original Trilogy – The Movie Adaptations TP (Marvel)
8. The Bat and The Cat: 80 Years Of Romance HC (DC Comics)
9. Star Wars Legends: Forever Crimson TP (Marvel)
10. Johnny Dynamite: Explosive Pre-Code Crime Comics – The Complete Adventures Of Pete Morisi’s Wild Man Of Chicago (IDW/Yoe Books)

Andy’s Draft
1. Daredevil/Elektra: Love and War Gallery Edition HC (Marvel)
2. Nexus Newspaper Strips HC (Dark Horse)
3. Worlds Finest Guardians of the Earth HC (DC Comics)
4. Omega Men by Tom King HC (DC Comics)
5. Absolute Carnage TP (Marvel)
6. Harleen HC (DC Comics)
7. Berserker Unbound HC (Dark Horse)
8. Dark Ark HC (Aftershock)
9. Mary Shelley Monster Hunter TP (Aftershock)
10. Thorgal V00 GN Betrayed Sorceress (Cinebook)

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