CCL #502 – November 2019 Solicitations with Spider-Man MCU Fallout

Collected Comics Library PodcastChris and Andy talk about the Spider-Man Sony/Marvel dealbreaker and what it means for the future of the franchise, Garth Ennis returns to the Punisher with Punisher Soviet and Get Fury, Art Spiegelman and his Anti-Trump comments for the introduction for the $225 Marvel: The Golden Age 1939-1949 HC from The Folio Society, and the lament that is X-Men: Children Of The Atom Box Set Slipcase for $500 and, of course, “draft” selections from the November 2019 solicits that include:

Chris’s Draft

  1. Blackhawk: Blood & Iron HC (DC)
  2. Mister Miracle By Steve Englehart And Steve Gerber HC (DC)
  3. Famous First Edition: New Fun #1 HC (DC)
  4. Avengers Vs. Fantastic Four TP (Marvel)
  5. Star Wars Adventures Omnibus, Vol. 1 TP (IDW)
  6. The Witcher Omnibus TP (Dark Horse)
  7. Prince Valiant HC Vol 20 1975-1976 (Fantagraphics Books)
  8. Marvel Masterworks: Dazzler Vol. 1 HC (Marvel)
  9. Watchmen Companion HC (DC)
  10. Wonder Woman: The War Of The Gods Omnibus HC (DC)

Andy’s Draft

  1. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Omnibus HC. (DC)
  2. Power Pack Omnibus HC (Marvel)
  3. Silver Surfer Black Treasury Edition TP (Marvel)
  4. House of X Powers of X HC (Marvel)
  5. Rough Riders Complete HC (Aftershock)
  6. James Bond Origin V2 HC (Dynamite)
  7. Superman: For Tomorrow 15th Anniversary HC (DC)
  8. Doc Frankenstein Post Modern Prometheus HC (Burlyman)
  9. Tomb Raider Omnibus V2 TP (Dark Horse)
  10. Murder Falcon TP (Image)

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