Welcome back to Carberry’s Crypt. It’s August, and we have a lot to talk about this month. I’m going to change up the format this month, but not too much. Anyways, let’s get down to business because the August sun is hot and the crypt is getting a little ripe.

Terror Nova goes Bestseller

Let me fill you in on the hottest Horror Anthology in Canada. The inaugural anthology was brought to life by horror icon Mike Hickey, and Engen Books founder Matthew LeDrew. Launching October 1st, it hit bestseller the day after it was made available for pre-order. It stayed on the top of the charts for some time, and has lingered near the top ever since it’s debut.

It follows a framing narrative with Simon, the Terror Nova main character, traveling the foggy Newfoundland highways and telling frightening tales along the way.

Authors contributing stories include bestselling zombie author Paul Carberry, Horror PhD Erin Mick, Nightmare of Water Street winner Joshua Goudie, bestselling weird west author Jon Dobbin, “After Dark Vapors” and “The Gut” author Brad Dunne, author of “Burnt Tongues” Chris Lewis Carter, “Ashes” author Lauralana Dunne, author of ” We Are Young” from the “Queer Monologues: Stories of LGBT Youth” Phil Goodridge, author of the screenplay “New Woman” CH Newell, Kelley Power whose work has been featured in anthologies like “Chillers from the Rock”, and the master of the short story Ali House.

Preorders for physical copies of TERROR NOVA, the amazing new anthology by Mike Hickey and a murderer’s row of amazingly talented authors will be available this October for $29.99 CAD, but you can reserve your copy for only $25.00 CAD!

Preordering will be open until August 25th! Orders outside the St. John’s metro area will be shipped directly, orders within the area will be made available for pickup/delivery at launch!

Terror Nova

Author Spotlight

This month, I will shine the spotlight on author C.D. Gallant-King. An author born and raised in Newfoundland, developed his skills in Toronto and now resides in Ottawa. He has published several terrific books including “Hell Comes to Hogtown”, “Tentacles Under a Full Moon”, and “Ten Thousand Days” just to name a few. I was lucky enough to get a chance to read his upcoming release, “Psycho Hose Beast from Outer Space” before it’s scheduled release. It’s a must read and you should clear room on your bookcase for it’s debut 28 September 2020. You can check out my review here

Psycho Hose Beast from Outer Space


From the creator of “Warrior Nun” comes a high octane collection of stories by top independent creators as they team-up with Ben Dunn’s “NINJA High School” for fun and adventure! There are 144 pages in Full Colour and features contributions from a talented team, including Spacie Award Finalist Peter Breau’s “Constantine’s Bane, “Serve Some Justice” by Geoffrey Borgy Borgonia, and “Rochelle” by John Crowther just to name a few. The kickstarter has already be funded, but you can check out all the cool details here

Ninja High School: Indie Wars

What I’m reading

I’ve read a lot of books since the last time you visited. My favourite was “Garden of the 8th Circle” by Ellen Curtis and Matthew LeDrew, which is the fourth instalment of the Infinity series. I also read “Deloras Claibourne”, “Rose Madder”, “The Tommyknockers” and “The Dark Half” by Stephen King. I am currently reading Meg Generations by Steve Alten.

You should check out “Garden of the 8th Circle” here

Garden of the 8th Circle

What I’m Watching/ Classic Movies

Since there hasn’t been anything new on television to watch, (besides sports) in a long time, I’ve found myself watching old movies. I have mostly been watching old Stephen King movies to pass the time. Some of them are classics, while others are just something to fill the time when I’m not up for reading. Some of my favourite’s include “Pet Semetary”, “Creepshow 2” (my favourite story from that collection is the raft!), “1408”, “Cujo”, and of course “The Shining”. Others that are worth watching include “Thinner”, “Silver Bullet”, “Maximum Overdrive” and “Graveyard Shift”. I think in all cases, the book’s have been better, but only because it’s extremely difficult to translate his stories from the page to the screen.

Writers Toolbox

Something that may seem obvious but often overlooked, is that you shouldn’t edit your own work. Or, at least not exclusively. You need someone else’s eye’s on your work to pick up the mistakes that you overlook. I know people that are terrific editors, my editor Brad Dunne, is one of the best in the business. While a professional editor can cost you a lot of money, it doesn’t have too. You can find people who are affordable and great at their jobs willing to edit your work. It may be hard to find sometimes, but they are out there. If all else fails, have a friend that would be willing to sit down and read your book. They will pick up errors that you would probably overlook yourself. If you are serious about writing, an editor will be an essential tool in your toolbox.

  • The Elements of Style
  • Reading
  • An Editor

Kit Sora Flash Fiction Contest

Looking for a challenge? Every month on the Engen Books website, they upload one of the photos from the amazingly talented Kit Sora. She is a Newfoundland artist renown for her stunning art work and imaginative designs. Authors have up to 250 words to write a piece of flash fiction based on the photograph. Check out all the details here Kit Sora

What I’m Working on

I am still working away with the talented Peter Breau on “Samhian’s Gate” for the Horror Anthology Mississippi Zombies and my own title “The Dead Don’t Die” which will be included in the same anthology.  As mentioned above, I’ll be included in the Horror Anthology “Terror Nova” and am working on promotion for the upcoming release. I finished my final draft of Zombies on the Rock Book 4: Extinction and am hoping it will be available for fall 2021. I’m currently writing an untitled novel that focuses on an alien invasion. I’m also working on a collection of short stories. Also, releasing this October is my latest novel, “Carcharodon”. Check it out

Carberry Carcharodon

Thanks for visiting Carberry’s Crypt. I hope to see you next month.

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Welcome back to Carberry's Crypt. It's August, and we have a lot to talk about this month. I'm going to change up the format this month, but not too much. Anyways, let's get down to business because the August sun is hot and the crypt is getting a little...