One week to go for the CAPTAIN THUNDER and BLUE BOLT trade paperback Kickstarter campaign

It’s the final week of crowd funding for Roy & Dann Thomas’s CAPTAIN THUNDER and BLUE BOLT, as they return in a brand-new trade paperback collection of their classic adventures from Heroic Publishing.

This is a 100-page volume, by Roy & Dann Thomas, Dennis Mallonee, Benito Gallego, and E. R. Cruz, featuring every existing “King’s Gambit” adventure, taken from the pages of Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt #8-10 and Champions #38, with a foreword by Roy Thomas himself.

The basic story? After finding out about Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt, Flare’s little sister SPARKPLUG takes it into her head that Blue Bolt (who’s really cute, and has basically the same powers she does) would make for the perfect boyfriend. So she zips on over to South Carolina to introduce herself.

But there’s a problem. Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt have recently been at odds with a shadowy organization known as the Merchant of Menace. And the Merchants have decided to deal with CT&BB by hiring a team of super-powered Russian mercenaries known as KING’S GAMBIT. And Sparks walks right into the middle of that.

The story played out over three issues of Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt, with a coda that appeared some time later in Champions #38. Now, all four of those “King’s Gambit” stories will be featured in a single 100-page trade paperback collection from Heroic Publishing!

And if fans can take take our crowd funding effort on Kickstarter all the way to our second stretch goal, we’ll be able to add a brand-new, eight-page Blue Bolt and Sparkplug adventure to this volume.

The official crowd funding effort for this project is underway, and will run through Wednesday, November 30. Please visit us on Kickstarter and choose from among a whole slew of rewards, including trade paperbacks and sets of Heroic back issues.

Every dollar you can contribute to this project will help provide financial support for the creative people working on Heroic Publishing‘s upcoming comic book projects, including all of our talented writers, artists, colorists, and letterers.

As always, even if you can’t contribute financially to this project, you can still help by sharing this link with your friends and followers on social media:
Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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