Captain Action 1/6th Scale Figures Undergo Revolutionary Reimagining Led by LBO

Plans to be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con Panel


New York, N.Y. (July 13, 2023): Captain Action, the iconic, The Original Superhero Action Figure TM and Dr. Evil , The Original Evil Action Figure TM known for their transformative abilities, are about to embark on an exciting new chapter. LBO, Let’s Be Onyx, a cutting-edge manufacturer of designer collectibles comprised of seasoned industry creatives, has been granted the licensing rights by Captain Action Enterprises, LLC to produce groundbreaking and reimagined, high-end 1/6 scale action figures and collectibles for the Captain Action property. This new vision aims to honor the rich history of Captain Action while introducing captivating updates that will enthrall a new generation of fans worldwide.

Making its debut at San Diego Comic Con International this July 19th, LBO is set to revolutionize the Captain Action figure landscape with first looks at new designs, characters, licenses and accessories. This distinguished think tank, fueled by the expertise of industry veterans, including Michael Polis (Atomic Toybox Entertainment), Steve Forde (GoHero), Kwamé, Acori Honzo & LaWanda Shepherd (House of Honzo), and Scott Kuenzli (Disburst), is committed to paying homage to Captain Action’s storied past while drawing inspiration from the evolutionary paths of several beloved toy franchises.

“Working on a part of toy history like Captain Action is a surreal experience. The creative freedom allowed me to do these figures the justice they deserve.” Said Acori Honzo, principal artist at House of Honzo and one of the founding members of LBO.

The rebranding will infuse the Captain Action universe with a touch of the unexpected, creating a diverse and captivating world that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation.

The San Diego Comic-Con panel, Captain Action: Introducing New Voices to a Legendary Property, will be held Friday, July 21st at 7:00 in room 23ABC at the convention center.

“It’s a serious thrill and responsibility to steward the rebranding of the world’s original superhero and evil action figures!” said Steve Forde, Owner of GoHero and one of the founding members of LBO. “Captain Action toys have delivered an incredible play experience with characters, uniforms, gadgets, and features that capture the imagination. Our team has taken hold of that incredible legacy and injected fresh ideas that will set trajectory for the future for both existing fans as well as invite a new generation of enthusiasts.”

“Captain Action Enterprises is delighted to partner with LBO in this exciting venture,” said Ed Catto, Partner for Captain Action Enterprises. “LBO’s expertise and commitment to honoring the legacy of Captain Action while pushing the boundaries of innovation align perfectly with our vision for the future. Together, we are confident that the reimagined 1/6 scale figures and collectibles will captivate fans worldwide.”

The forthcoming Captain Action collectibles, set to be unveiled in Fall 2024, will serve as a testament to the commitment of LBO and its dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territories. Fans can expect a reinvigorated lineup that embraces nostalgia, incorporates cutting-edge design elements, and invites endless hours of imaginative play.

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