First – a mighty thank you to every creator who hosted a #Canucks4Comics auction at the end of April to help raise money to support Canadian comic book shops. The total from that campaign came in around $16,500 and it will be coupled with the CLLDF’s $10,000 to be disbursed out to retailers who apply for the relief.

Second – the support doesn’t end there! One of the ways the CLLDF raises funds is through the sale of autographed TPs and GNs, typically at comic conventions and through Happy Harbor Comics. With most conventions cancelled and Happy Harbor being sold in 2019, our sales avenues have been diminished greatly this year. To help fix that, we’ve posted the bulk of our comics inventory on the website here under the SHOP tab.

We invite you to browse through the list and see if anything grabs your eye. Shipping is through Canada Post (at cost) and there’s free delivery if you live in the Edmonton area (cause that’s where the books are).

We’re also happy to send you a pic if you want to see the signature or sketch in a particular item.

All sales go into the fund, a non-profit organization with an all volunteer staff, to help cover the costs of purchasing product, attending shows, and, most importantly, upholding our mandate of fighting censorship issues that arise for creators, publishers, retailers, and even fans.
BUT we’ve got some big news coming soon about more changes to our mandate so – STAY TUNED!

(here was a recent Twitter auction for one of our items)

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