Canadian superhero comic launches crowdfunding effort

THUNDER #3 launches February 1st on Kickstarter at and runs until March 2nd.


“…a rip-roaring adventure comic that skirts the edges of mythology and superhero adventures in an exciting way!”
Jason Sylvestre, cartoonist for CarToons,
Remind and Scary Monster magazines 


Written by Calgary writer Michael McAdam, proprietor and chief creative behind Two Gargoyles Comics, the third issue of THUNDER is about a superhero who is “Half Norse God, Half Canadian, Super Polite!” 


Michael McAdam has written sixteen issues across five titles including Gloaming, Spectrum, Twilight Detective Agency, Magickal Mister Punch and Diaperman, all of which are available through his website at www.twogargs.comGloaming is drawn by Calgary artist Kyle Burles.


This third action-packed issue catches up with the hero after having just returned to Canada following a youth spent in Asgard, the fabled home of the Norse Gods. In his first two issues, he meets an armored villain named Templar, a cyberhacker named Code Monkey, both of whom he defeats– only to have Code Monkey ferret out his secret identity and track him to his home!


But before that encounter occurs, Thunder is attacked by the enigmatic supervillain Korun, whom he defeats after a spectacular battle in downtown Vancouver.  Code Monkey arrives at his home, and the hero wonders how to deal with this as well as a potential enemy.


In this issue, Thunder faces off against a Frost Giant straight from Asgard that he must fight in full view of the public in order to save Vancouver once again! Not to mention the swift return of Templar from issue one– what is happening that everything seems to be happening at once?  The enigmatic Korun may have some insight!  
“The action is non-stop in this issue as Thunder lays down the…er…well, thunder on a behemoth frost giant in an epic battle heard all the way to Valhalla.”

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