Canadian Cardboard Craft Artist Gets Approval to Make Handmade Independent Comic Book Character Action Figurines

Due to pandemic and the loss of comic book conventions in 2020, I’ve witnessed many of my fellow indie publishers struggling to grow their audiences. What I decided to do was create a line of cardboard articulated action figures based on the characters of various indie publishers I’ve met over the years. I reached out to both new comic creators and established legends and I was able to secure a 16-figure set. From characters like Usagi YojimboNira-X, and Mr. Monster, to Golden Age legends like Ace Harlem and Miss Masque, my ‘Ultimate Articulated Cardboard Action Cut-Outs‘ series is my way to showcase just a handful of the unique and amazing original characters and stories out there.
Along with numerous American created heroes, many innovative Canadian superheroes are featured including Northguard, Auric of the Great White North, Auroraman and Yuki vs Panda. I make all these action figurines by hand and they are only being released through a Kickstarter campaign exclusively. The creators of each character will sign ever toy!
Ontario-based charity comic convention organizer Pop Culture Canada is a sponsor of the set.
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  • #1 of 16 (Limited to 25 copies)

Ace Harlem: A classic golden age comic book detective hero from the ultra-rare All Negro Comics #1 (1947). Created by: John Terrell

  • #2 of 16 (Limited to 25 copies)

Lacrossa: A new superheroine who first appeared in a one-shot comic book and board game release entitled Superpowerful Bonanza (2016). Created by: Luanga Nuwame (me)

  • #3 of 16 (Limited to 25 copies)

Alien Hillbilly: A hilarious and definitely not ‘woke’ character who first appeared in Alien Hillbilly #1 (2017). Created by: Dan Hammond

** SPECIAL NOTE: The backer tier for this particular figurine comes with a signed copy of Alien Hillbilly #1. However, there are only 10 copies available on a First-Come, First-Serve basis. **

  • #4 of 16 (Limited to 25 copies)

Miss Masque: Another classic golden age superhero crime-fighter who first appeared in Exciting Comics #51 (1946). Created by: Unknown

  • #5A of 16 (Limited to 15 copies)

The Muffenman: A exciting new horror comic book character published by Limiteless Comics. He recently appeared for the first time in The Muffenman #1 (2019). (This figure will be ‘Jumbo’ sized). Created by: Anthony Moore

** SPECIAL NOTE: The backer tier for this particular figurine comes with a signed copy of Muffenman #1 **

#5B of 16 (Limited to 6 copies)

The Muffenman (Variant): Based on the 5A version of The Muffenman, this is an ultra-rare B&W variant edition that Glows-in-the-dark! (This figure will be ‘Jumbo’ sized). Created by: Anthony Moore

** SPECIAL NOTE: The backer tier for this particular figurine comes with a signed copy of Muffenman #1  Variant**

1st Figurine to glow-in-the-dark using all-natural Strontium Aluminate paint
  • #6 of 16 (Limited to 20 copies)

Northguard: He is a legendary Canadian superhero who has been defending Canada from evil since his first appearance in New Triumph Featuring Northguard #1 (1984). Created by: Gabriel Morrissette and Mark Shainblum

  • #7 of 16 (Limited to 10 copies)

Mr. Monster: This is one of the best-known indie characters featured in this series. The legendary Dr. Longsford Stern whose adventures have been released by numerous comic publishers ranging from Eclipse to Dark Horse. He first appeared in Vanguard Illustrated #7 (1983). Created by: Michael T. Gilbert

  • #8 of 16 (Limited to 25 copies)

Yuki: From the pages of the anime-inspired series Yuki Vs. Panda Volume 1 (2013), this bad-ass teenage character is deadly and hilarious. The Yuki vs. Panda series has had multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns. Created by: Graham Misiurak

  • #9 of 16 (Limited to 25 copies)

Panda: The second major character from the Yuki Vs. Panda Volume 1 (2013) series. Just as deadly as Yuki, but he’s also a tragic soul a reader can relate to. Created by: Graham Misiurak

  • #10 of 16 (Limited to 10 copies)

Paper Warrior, Rock Warrior, and Scissors Warrior 3-pack: These are living versions of the classic hand game brought to life within a planet-wide war for domination. They were introduced in Paper Rock Scissors N’ Stuff Wars #1 (2016) and features the amazing artwork of Hugh Rookwood. Created by: L.A. Nuwame (me)

** SPECIAL NOTE: The backer tier for this particular figurine comes with a signed copy of Paper Rock Scissors N’ Stuff Wars #1 (2nd print) **

  • #11 of 16 (Limited to 15 copies)

Nira-X: This cult-favorite indie superheroine has been fighting all forms of evil over two decades. This Cyberangel has partnered with other great indie characters since her introduction in Zen the Intergalactic Ninja #0 (1993). Created by: Bill Maus

  • #12 of 16 (Limited to 25 copies)

Auroraman: This powerful Canadian superhero is a comic book convention fan favorite whose popularity grows yearly since his first appearance in Auroraman #0 (2016). Created by: Jeff Burton

  • #13 of 16 (Limited to 25 copies)

Rhosen: He’s a kick-ass, no-nonsense assassin who was first introduced in the limited print ashcan Toy Souldiers #1 (2019). Created by: Arnold Trinidad

** SPECIAL NOTE: The backer tier for this particular figurine comes with a choice of either: 1) a signed copy of the Toy Souldiers Ascan (limited to 10 copies), or 2) a redeemable coupon for 1 free Arnold Trinidad B&W sketch of whatever character you like. **

  • #14 of 16 (Limited to 5 copies)

Zen the Intergalactic Ninja: This is physically the largest character in this series and Zen is well known and respected in the comic book world. Since his first appearance in Zen The Intergalactic Ninja #1 (1987), Zen has been published by a plethora of major comic book publishers including Archie comics, and has had action figures and video games made. (This figure will be ‘Jumbo’ sizedCreated by: Dan Cote and Stephen Stern

#15 of 16 (Limited to 20 copies)

Auric: The newest member of this cardboard family is a very popular Canadian hero and a comic con favorite who first appeared in Auric of the Great White North #0 (2016). Created by: Andrew Thomas and Davis Dewsbury 

#16 of 16 (Limited to 6 copies)

Usagi Yojimbo (SOLD OUT!!): I am honored to have this opportunity to offer an extremely limited edition run featuring one of the biggest names in independent comic books – Usagi Yojimbo! This timeless character, who has a Netflix animated series coming soon, first appeared in Albedo Anthropomorphics #2 (1984). Created by: Stan Sakai

** IMPORTANT NOTE: unlike the other figurines, we make no guarantees that the Usagi figurine will be signed by Stan Sakai. I will try my best to obtain his signature, but due to Mr. Sakai’s intense schedule, I cannot guarantee he will be able to sign the boxes. **

#16B of 16 (Limited to 4 copies)

Usagi Yojimbo (SOLD OUT!!): Due to popular demand, we are offering an extremely limited edition run of 4 numbered glow-in-the-dark Usagi Yojimbo figurines! It also comes with 1 bonus random Usagi Yojimbo comic book!!

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