Calvin’s Commentaries: Widget Ridge

When I read a description that states “a steampunk deckbuilding game with crazy inventions that connect to make even cooler inventions,” I am pretty well hooked.

Such was the case with Widget Ridge from Ian Taylor and Shawn Martineau from Furious Tree Games.

As you might expect from a steampunk-themed game, this one is about building whacky creations, which works pretty slick as a deck builder, that mechanism allowing for the collection of parts throughout the game.

What is limiting here is that Widget Ridge is a two-player game, which is not unique among deck builders, there are several others, but the vast majority do play more. So if you grab this one, and you probably should just be aware it only accommodates two.

In Widget Ridge you’ll be playing ‘Widget’ and ‘Gadget ‘cards to generate ‘Gold’ and ‘Spark’.

Gold and Spark are basically the currency of the game allowing you to but more cards or to build contraptions.

Players buy new inventions, connect inventions in their workshops, and of course sabotage their opponents by destroying their inventions.

The artwork on the cards is suitably ‘steampunky’ with clean lines that are appealing if you are into the genre to start with.

The scorekeeper cards work in a neat way I haven’t seen elsewhere, which is simply innovative.

This is a fine little deck builder that has tons of potential for expansions, which of course the norm in games, in general, these days, and in particular with deck building where new cards can be rather easily added.

The key here is you have to like the flavour of steampunk, or a big part of Widget Ridge’s charm may be lost on you.

You also need to have the bud to play a two-player with, which is sometimes harder to arrange than a game’s night with a group.

But if all the cogs fall into place for you, Widget Ridge is a very solid game to look into.

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Thanks to fellow gamer Adam Daniels for his help in running through this game for review.

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