Calvin’s Commentaries: WatchGuard

This is a somewhat different review in the sense it’s not about a particular game.

Instead, it’s about a superhero miniature line that can be used in whichever superhero-themed role-playing or miniature skirmish game you might be interested in.

The line has been produced with Super Mission Force from Four-Color Studios in mind, but having not played that ruleset this look is based strictly on the miniatures.

The first thing I will note about these minis is that they went together nice and easy. There were not a huge bunch of bits per miniature that needed attaching, and those that did came with slots and nibs so it was easy to position pieces and that the nib was fitting into the slot they held together easily until the glue set.

The minis are plastic, but there was also very little ‘flash’ to deal with, which is nice. It can be frustrating to have to trim off a lot of flash, especially on smaller pieces.

Since these are what might best be called generic superheroes, no copyrighted ones from the big boys like Marvel and DC, it was interesting to look at the selection I was gluing together.

The pieces were from o2 Media’s WatchGuard miniature line. Each miniature comes with a gorgeous game card for the Super Mission Force skirmish game or can be used in your Mutants and Masterminds RPG campaign with profiles by creator Xion Studios.

Trash Panda, an actual bear is easily the coolest on the range, although Manowar and Kindle are great sculpts too.

Spider-Squirrel warrants mention based on the name alone.

The company behind the minis and they are producing others as well, is Canadian, based in Calgary, which to me is a plus. It’s great to be able to recommend Canadian games and accessory lines and in this case, the recommendation comes easily.

Certainly, you have to be interested in superhero gaming before these will be useful, but if you want a unique character in an RPG these are great. Come up with a name of your own, a colour-scheme for the uniform, some powers and you are set with a great mini to use.

In a generic skirmish ruleset world, it would be the same thing, an opportunity to create a team that is very much your own.

Check them out at you will not be disappointed.

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