Calvin’s Commentaries: The Hard Place

The Hard Place

Written by Doug Wagner

Art by Nic Rummel

Colors by Charlie Kirchoff

Cover by Brian Stelfreeze

Publisher: Image Comics


A lot of people imagine noir pulp as relating to stories from the 1950s, or earlier.

But that is not the case. Pulp noir is less about the era and more about the atmosphere of the tale. In that regard, The Hard Place is a definite pulp noir story.

And it’s a darned fine one too.

AJ Gurney is known as one of the best wheelmen in Detroit, although he still ended up in jail.

Well, Gurney is out of jail, and he’s decided it’s time to go straight.

But that plan isn’t without a bump, or two.

A simple visit to the bank and in the middle of a robbery, Gurney is recognized by the thieves who force him to be their driver. He refuses until a gal in the bank is dragged along to ensure his cooperation.

The girl just happens to be the daughter of a Russian crime lord, one with a history with Gurney. Yes, that is a bit of a stretch that all the cards lined up for this particular situation to happen, but let’s face it that is pretty much an element of pulp, stories a bit too over the top, but still a fun ride.

And that is the case, a fun ride, as Gurney drives to avoid the cops, the mob, and to clear his name, and save the girl.

There is tons of action here rendered well by artist Nic Rummel, and with a story that you kind of see coming, but still, enjoy.

The Hard Place is worth a read.

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