Calvin’s Commentaries: The Fuzzies way more fun than expected

So when you open a new game and find that it is simply a pile of fuzzie balls that cling together when piled you sort of furrow your brow and wonder exactly what you’ve got.

The initial thought was admittedly not one of high expectations.

But, first thoughts are not always correct.

In fact, in the case of ‘The Fuzzies’ it was about as off base as we could be.

This game is crazily fun.

So much fun the conversation at The Meeple Guild table the first night we played ‘The Fuzzies’ we were talking about how the game would be in consideration for our top-five new games played in 2023.

So what exactly is The Fuzzies all about as a game?

Well, simplicity to start with.

You pack the balls into a cone-shaped container, to get them all clinging together.

You place the pile on a little pedestal.

Then on each player’s turn, you flip a card to see what colour fuzzie you have to move, using the tweezers supplied. You take a ball out and must add it back to the stack in a position higher than it started.

If a fuzzie falls on the table as you move a ball, surprise bad things happen. You have to take a card and on your next turn do what dastardly thing it says on our next turn, like take a turn with one eye covered, or use your non-dominant hand. If two balls fall it’s two cards so you might be combining ill-effects.

The game will remind of Jenga, and as a group game that anyone can learn Jenga is a fine game to be compared to.

The Fuzzies is easy.

It’s a bit crazy.

It’s a lot of fun.

It’s a game for friends and family to laugh over for a relaxing evening.

It’s the kind of game that should be in many gamer stockings come the holiday season in December because it is a fun little gem that is easy to recommend to any board gamer.

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