Calvin’s Commentaries: Konungar War of Crowns #1

Konungar War of Crowns #1

Written by Sylvain Runberg

Art by Juzhen

Translated by Ivanka Hahnenberger

Publisher: Titan Comics / Statix Press


If you were trying to create the perfect comic book to please me, you might well come up with Konungar War of Crowns.

This one really hits on all the right notes.

The base premise is that in the Viking kingdom of Alstavik, a violent civil war rages between brothers Rildrig and Sigvald who each claim succession to their father’s throne. Now on its own brothers fighting over a crown is hardly an original concept. But this story goes far deeper than that.

An old enemy, the centaurs are back, and that in itself is a sweet touch. Centaurs are simply a very cool fantasy race and having them as the foe in the wings is great.

To hold off the impending centaur attack the brothers need to reconcile and work together, but the path to a truce is one with its own intrigues to overcome.

Add some black magic being harnessed to create berserker warriors, and magic becomes part of the story weave.

The first issue lays out lots of plot threads, and leaves you wondering what will come next, which is a credit to the writer. I have seen the title liken to George R.R. Martin and Tolkien, and while a comic can’t quite match the depth of the masters, Sylvain Runberg certainly writes with the same heart.

Then topping off this one, making it very easy to enthusiastically recommend, is the art by Juzhen. The renderings are lavish, detailed, with every panel simply wonderfully done.

Konungar is a title that rates a must-have from me.

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