Calvin’s Commentaries: Crossroad Blues

Crossroad Blues: A Nick Travers Graphic Novel

Written by Ace Atkins

Art by Marco Finnegan

Cover art by Chris Brunner

Publisher: Image Comics

If you are a fan of blues music, and frankly everybody should be in my humble opinion, then you have heard about the legend of Robert Johnson, widely considered one of the greatest blues musicians of all time.

Like any legend part of Johnson’s story is probably more myth than fact, from making a deal with the devil to become the musician he was, to the story of a drove of lost recordings. It’s the stuff that makes great stories, and it is often used as a hook today, such as in an episode of the sadly canceled Timeless television series.

Atkins takes the Johnson hook, applies a dose of pulp detective in character Nick Tavers, and you get a story that seemed written just for me.

The art by Marco Finnegan was bang on based in the noir-ish feel of the story, which just added to the overall package.

There was nothing here not to like, so it gets a high recommendation as a great mystery tale to enjoy.

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