It is often said laughing is good for our health, so why not start your day with a good chuckle every day?

And a great way to do that is to head over to to visit Bob the Squirrel with your morning coffee.

Bob the Squirrel has been appearing daily online dating back almost a decade now, so there is a huge archive to wander through on a lazy day, or on that day you just need a few more laughs to get going on your day with a more positive attitude.

Bob the Squirrel is the creation of Frank Page, a man I have to say impresses just to have the insights on life he can turn with humour for a long-running comic strip.

In case you haven’t heard about Bob, the strips have made their way into a number of collection books, he is “a very loud and yet subtle squirrel,” according to the website, and confirmed if you read even a few of the witty strips.

As for Page himself, he is an illustrator and cartoonist in Central New York, and currently a graphic designer and editorial cartoonist at the Rome Daily Sentinel.

“In the fall of 2001, I moved to Utica, NY. One Saturday morning I was laying on the couch watching MASH and I happened to look out the window. What I saw would invariably change my life for better or for worse,” he wrote on his website.
“What I saw was a squirrel—kinda like when Bruce Wayne was trying to decide on what he should be and that pesky little bat came flying through his window. I didn’t decide that I wanted to become SQUIRRELMAN— bear with me.

“So, my attention was drawn away (no pun please!) from Hawkeye and Colonel Potter for the moment and was focused on this little creature. He was running across a power wire like he’d been in the circus his entire life. Then he jumped a good distance from the power line onto a tree and scampered down the branches. The creature was graceful, but at the same time very clumsy. I called him Bob; thus inspiring the comic panel BOB THE SQUIRREL. I later learned, much to my landlord’s dismay, that this same beautiful creature I had dubbed BOB had started a family in the column of my porch. Hey, at least I have a ready supply of material.”

The world is certainly a more fun place thanks to Page’s life-altering viewing of that humble squirrel and it is certainly recommended to check in with Bob the Squirrel regularly for a good chuckle or two.


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