Caliber Comics teams with Graphic Audio to adapt Deadworld comic book horror saga

October 20, 2020.  Caliber Comics is proud to announce that it has teamed with Graphic Audio to adapt the critically acclaimed Deadworld comic book series into a set of fully immersive audiobook productions. Featuring a full voice-over cast, cinematic music, and special sound effects, fans will be able to uniquely experience the supernatural zombie horror saga that has entertained comic fans for close to 35 years.

A gateway has opened to the realm of the dead and caused a zombie apocalypse! Deadworld tells the story of a group of teenagers left to survive in a world where perhaps the only threat more deadly than the living dead are the actual living! Can they survive with no adults, little food or gasoline in a yellow school bus, while being hunted down by the leader of an ever growing zombie army? Meet the King Zombie; an intelligent, sarcastic, Harley-riding ass-kicker, with seemingly supernatural powers and the ability to control the “dead-head” horde. He is on a mission to dominate this world under his un-dead rule and unleash hell upon mankind.

The first audiobook is scheduled to be released November 19, 2020 and brings together the events from Volume 1: Requiem for the World and Volume 2: Welcome to the Slaughterhouse; both volumes written by Gary Reed.  Within we shall witness the teens’ efforts to stay one step ahead of King Zombie and their journey to the community of Safe Haven where they will fall into the hands of a rogue scientist and learn of his plans to save the world.

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