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Activist organizing meets government gridlock in Radical!

Praise for Radical: My Year with a Socialist Senator: 

  • “What kind of politico embeds a cartoonist in her office for a year? Well, a remarkably savvy one, it turns out, and the payoff is Sofia Warren’s beautifully-rendered account of a rookie’s initiation into state politics: an exhilarating baptism of fire, and a sorely-needed love letter to the power of public service.” —Garry Trudeau, creator of Doonesbury
  • “I learned more about politics from Sofia Warren’s brilliant graphic novel than from the 30,000 hours of political podcasts I listen to every week.” —Jesse Eisenberg, Academy Award nominee
  • “A truly unique, intimate window into the complexities of real-world democracy.” —Nate Powell, National Book Award winner for March
  • Radical taught me more about the reality of political activity in our country, with its daily battles and soaring hopes, than my entire education.” —Amy Kurzweil, author of Flying Couch: A Graphic Memoir
  • “Sofia Warren’s sweetness and wit make Radical an excellent introduction to the oft-overlooked workings of state government, and the lovable weirdos who seek to transform it to make life better for ordinary people.” —David Oks, co-founder of the Gravel Institute
  • “I devoured this book; I could not put it down. Sofia Warren expertly and effortlessly weaves together the personal and the political. With humor and charm, Radical pulls you in close and gets behind the scenes. Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with it.” —Sophie Lucido Johnson, author of Many Love
  • “With confident character design and effective symbolic graphics…the result is part Schoolhouse Rock!, part participant journalism, connecting a winding but hopeful thread between what Salazar’s team refers to as ‘deep organizing’ and substantive change. For comics readers raised on the March series who may be contemplating voting for their first time (or considering their own political futures), Warren offers grounded inspiration.” —Publishers Weekly
  • “Radical smoothly blends memoir, political reporting, and activist tool kit into an engaging read. Warren brings her strong New Yorker black-and-gray cartooning to bear, inviting the reader in… Younger readers—and many millennials—are likely to relate to the coming-of-age experience of learning while doing and may be heartened to learn that they aren’t alone in not knowing how everything in government works (or doesn’t).” —Booklist

You won the election… Now what? Activist organizing meets government gridlock as a millennial New Yorker cartoonist follows a first-year state senator on her unforgettable journey from outsider to insider.

Radical: My Year with a Socialist Senator is a remarkable graphic memoir of Sofia Warren’s experience embedded with New York State Senator Julia Salazar and her staff during her first year in office. From candid conversations and eyewitness experiences, Warren builds a gripping and intimate portrait of a scrappy team of community organizers battling entrenched power structures, particularly to advance Julia’s marquee issue: housing rights.

At every key point during the year—setting up an office, navigating insider politics, public pushback, testy staff meetings, emotional speeches, protest marches, setbacks, and victories—Warren is up close and personal with Julia and her team, observing, questioning, and drawing as they try to translate their ideals into concrete legislation.

Along the way, Warren works toward answers to deeper questions: What makes a good leader? What does it mean to be a part of a community? Can democracy work? How can everyday people make change happen?

All these themes are explored—with nuance, compassion, and humor—in Sofia Warren’s remarkable debut.

Click here to listen in on Sofia’s chat with PW Comics World’s Editor, Calvin Reid, on the More to Come podcast.

Radical: My Year with a Socialist Senator by Sofia Warren
ISBN 978-1-60309-512-9 | Diamond: APR221606 | $24.99 (US) | 328 pages
Black-and-white softcover graphic novel with flaps
6.4″ x 9″ | For mature readers with YA crossover
Coming June 2022! — Read a preview!
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Some guys have all the luck.

Praise for the Hoey’s previous book, Animal Stories:

  • “A delightfully strange collection of linked stories pondering just how little people truly know about animals.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Imagine a world where Luck, the most ephemeral of ideas, has a physical form.

Precious stones of luck, mined like gold, are worn as bringers of fortune. But luck breaks both ways. While the blue gems may grant advantage to those who wear them, their blessing is fickle and unpredictable. In the blink of an eye, good luck can turn to bad. We follow the life of a man who comes into possession of some powerful stones, but the success enjoyed by the father goes awry when he tries to pass this luck onto his son. In alternating scenes between the two generations, The Bend of Luck follows felicity’s course, like an arrow, through a family’s destiny.

The Bend of Luck by Peter and Maria Hoey
ISBN 978-1-60309-509-9 | Diamond: MAY221574 | $19.99 (US) | 184 pages
Full-color softcover graphic novel with flaps
8.5″ x 8.5″ | For mature readers
Coming August 2022!
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Tigers and lions and bears—and a secret society?

A new middle-grade series, just in time for summer! With a map activity,  a supernatural mystery, and a host of quirky characters, Order of the Night Jay: The Forest Beckons is perfect for those who love the outdoors and for those who prefer to read about it from home.

Making friends can be hard for a nervous bear, even at summer camp. But Frank’s about to discover a mystery…and the camp needs him to save the day!

Frank is perhaps the most un-bear-like bear Camp Jay Bird has ever seen. Actually, he’s probably the ONLY bear Camp Jay Bird has ever seen. And there are tons of bugs, he’s getting picked on, and he can’t seem to earn a single badge! But there’s Ricky, an excitable little raccoon who shares Frank’s love of Mega Bunny comics. But Ricky’s friendship might be more than Frank can handle. After breaking camp rules, getting lost in the woods, and discovering ancient secrets about the long-forgotten Order of the Night Jay, how will Frank explain all this to his dad?

For a look at debut author, Jonathan Schnapp’s inspiration, check out Publishers Weekly’s U.S. Book Show coverage on middle grade graphic novels. 

Praise for Order of the Night Jay:

  • “A detective-duo heist, a moving and cautionary tale of friendship and openness prevailing against prejudice, or a chilling campfire yarn… [Order of the Night Jay] somehow manages to be all three and more.” —Kirkus Reviews
  • “If you’ve ever felt like an outsider, you’ll completely fall in love with this book, thanks to Frank the reluctant camper, as well as these funky, scrapbook-style illustrations. And you just might be inspired to grab a map and compass and go experience the wonder of the great outdoors!” —Kim Dwinell, creator of the Surfside Girls series
  • Order of the Night Jay rules! I can read comics and go camping with my new pals Frank and Ricky without getting any bug bites!”—Rob Harrell, author of Monster on the Hill and Wink

Order of the Night Jay (Book One): The Forest Beckons by Jonathan Schnapp
ISBN 978-1-60309-510-5 | Diamond: APR221605 | $14.99 (US) | 160 pages
Full-color softcover graphic novel with flaps
5.5″ x 7.75″ | For ages 8 and up
Coming July 2022!
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