Button Shy Games & Skybound Tabletop Announce The Walking Dead: Surrounded Pocket-Sized Card Game

The Undead Apocalypse Experience Is Available Now!

LOS ANGELES 05/15/2024 — Today Button Shy Games, in a licensing agreement with Skybound Tabletop, announced the launch of The Walking Dead: Surrounded, a new 18-card game that takes the vast library of The Walking Dead and compresses it into a portable play experience of exploration and survival in a world brimming with the undead.


Based on the groundbreaking comic by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead: Surrounded is a 1-4 player cooperative game where players work together to keep Walkers in check and Leaders in balance while maximizing the limited resources and fulfilling the goals to survive. The game encapsulates the struggles of surviving an undead apocalypse, all within a pocket-sized wallet game.


Each turn, players reveal a new card and add it to the ever-growing map. One side of the card features a new Location, introducing a special rule for an opportunity to score as well as a location bonus to indicate valuable resources that survivors can gather there if they work together. The flip side features a unique set of 4 Occupants. Some are Survivors, who earn points and help scavenge, while others are powerful Leaders that can make a big difference on the field…if they’re not struggling against each other for power. And of course there are the Walkers, capable of spreading across the map in the blink of an eye. Place Locations and Occupants carefully to keep the Walkers in check and the Leaders in balance, all while maximizing the team’s limited resources and trying to fulfill your scenario’s goals. The survival of the human race depends on it.


“As the home of The Walking Dead, Skybound is always looking for unique ways to expand the property with exciting new modes of entertainment,” said Garima Sharma, VP of Licensing & Partnerships at Skybound. “Button Shy Games’ new card game packs a big punch in a small package and we can’t wait for players to experience the world of The Walking Dead in Surrounded.”


Button Shy Games is also publishing a 6-card expansion called The Walking Dead: Surrounded – Under Siege that offers new mercenary Occupants, Locations, scenarios and scoring conditions to mix things up.


The Walking Dead: Surrounded (MSRP – $12.00) and its expansion The Walking Dead: Surrounded – Under Siege (MSRP – $4.00) are available for purchase via Button Shy Games now.


Skybound Tabletop, a leading innovator in crafting immersive tabletop games, has been contributing to epic game nights with games including Trial by Trolley, Pitchstorm and Sheep in Disguise since 2014.

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