Bryan Q. Miller talks about BATGIRL

bryan-q-millerFirst Comics News: In the promotion for this comic, there is a mystery as to who is the new Batgirl. Is this a mystery for the fans too, or just the other characters in the comic?

Bryan Q. Miller: A little bit of both.

1st: On the cover of the first issue Batgirl is in the Cassandra Cain/Helena Bertinelli costume and then on the second issue she it putting on the Barbara Gordon costume. Is the costume change a theme throughout the series?

Bryan: The covers are more a tribute to the “spirit” of “Batgirl” – an issue which plays fairly heavily into the first arc.  What it also thematically hits in quite a nice way is the importance of the person under the costume – that although anyone can say that they’re “Batgirl”, it’s the girl who makes the bat.  If that makes any sense…

1st: There has been a lot of changes in the Batman family of titles, how does this new Batgirl fit into the new status quo in Gotham?

Bryan: The fallout is definitely felt, but we’re keeping Batgirl in her own wing of Gotham until we get her off and running.

1st: Will Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain or Betty Kane have a roll in the comic if they are not actually the title character?

Bryan: I am currently not at liberty to say – if for no other reason than to keep the guessing game alive!

1st: How many issues will it take tell the “Who is Batgirl?” storyline?

Bryan: There’s a point where we’re literally asking “who is Batgirl?”, then a point when the question becomes more philosophical.  Both are handily answered within the first three.

1st: Oracle developed an entire network of operatives in Birds of Prey; Will any of the characters or elements carry over to Batgirl?

Bryan: The Network is so peopled and far-reaching that some measure of overlap is bound to happen.  These guys can’t go to the grocery without bumping in to one another.

1st: With the Batman reborn line, each title has a uniquely different perspective on its title characters. Batman & Robin is very humorous while Red Robin in much darker. What type of comic will Batgirl be?

Bryan: I think the tone of the title is directly tied to who’s under the cowl, so again – I don’t think I can dish on this one.

1st: The Batman re-launch is well underway before Batgirl joins them in the second wave of titles. Is it hared to find a nitch for Batgirl now that Batwoman is already operating in Gotham?

Bryan: Weirdly, no.  We’ve got her in an arena that totally speaks to who she is and what she’s about.

1st: What happens when the new Batgirl runs into the new Batman & Robin?

Bryan: A fantastic question… that I cannot answer!  Again, I apologize for being nebulous, but whatever reaction Batman and Robin have to Batgirl may be a little too telling as to who she really is.

1st: What’s next for Batgirl after the initial introduction?

Bryan: She’s going to meet a very important new friend in and possibly a new villain/villains for the next 3-issue arc.  An old villain for the following arc.  Then a big villain for the one after that.  So she’ll be a tad busy.  As always, there’s room for those to shuffle around a little bit.

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