Bronco Ink Comics Announces the finale of SUPER TEAM INTERNATIONAL ’88!

SEPTEMBER 28, 2022. Mobile, AL – Bronco Ink Comics is excited to announce the launch of the crowdfunding campaign for the final issue of their flagship series SUPER TEAM INTERNATIONAL ’88!
Written by Scott O. Brown and artist Carlos Gabriel Diaz and co-created by Sebastian and Samantha Brown, STI ’88 is a hilarious and action-packed throwback to classic superhero comics of the 80’s. With The Super American captured and executed by Dirac the Infinite, he finds himself trapped in a time loop, reliving the events of past five issues over and over… Can he put his own ego aside and trust his friends and darker half? Or will Dirac be victorious once more?
STI’88 #6 Cover

STI ’88 #6, Page 1
STI ’88 #6, Page 2
STI “88 #6, Page 3
“Weaving all the threads together that began on page one, SUPER TEAM INTERNATIONAL ‘88 #6 is the finale our heroes and readers deserve, as alliances are tested and villains get the crap kicked out of them,” says writer and publisher Scott O. Brown. “We’re proud of the work the team has put into STI’88 over the last couple years. Celebrate the end of an era with us as we bring phase one of the SUPER TEAM UNIVERSE to a close!”
In addition to being an extra length, 36-page extravaganza, Bronco Ink Comics will be offering variant covers by Steven Butler (Web of Spider-Man, Silver Sable, as well as many amazing Archie Comics), Jorge Lucas (El Cazador de Aventuras, The Avengers, Black Panther, and many others), as well as a very special artist to be announced during the campaign! Review copies are available as well!
SUPER TEAM INTERNATIONAL ’88 will be available for additional print and digital distribution after backer rewards are filled.

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