Happy MoonDay!
Big MoonDay News Everybody!

NEW Kickstarter to start very soon! Yes, I know it’s close behind our last one.
( OH! I got word that the Raven Hex acrylic charms have been created and are on rout to the studio- YAY! Now just waiting for the books to truck to the studio as well- Double YAY!)

Due to this Rollercoaster ride all of us have been experiencing, Jim and I have had to move this way and that, changing schedule dates and whatnot to navigate these crazy days! The fun part is: lots of NEW art and cool projects will be comin’ your way!

Below is the first One!! A 48 Paged Graphic Novel!! This will have the FULL Alternate Paths: Raven Hex Story parts 1 & 2. The book will be Perfect bound/ square-bound…ya know FANCY, no staples..

The Kickstarter will feature the EXCLUSIVE cover below and the Store Cover- YUP!, it’ll be in stores Aug 2020 (We are working our butts off- WOOF!) is below that.

The floppy that would have been Tarot#123: Raven Hex #1 part 2 will NOT be in stores… it will ONLY be available on

We will create Alternates for A, B, etc. and they will be drop-dead HEXY!!!

Thank You once again for being a part of all our Magickal Endeavors & Adventures!!

Best Witches to You All!


Tarot#123: Raven Hex #1

part 2 Collection

Keep your Eyes Open for Our Launch date!

Raven Hex #1 Graphic Novel will include the Tarot122 &123 stories collected in one big HEXY edition!

The Store Edition Cover for Raven Hex #1: Graphic Novel

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